Willie T stopped by THE SEVENTH LETTER studio today

August 26 2009 . 10:47pm

Willie T stays busy handling photgraphy, video and a ton of other stuff. Check out his skate project called SkateSquad.com


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Patrick Martinez on Vimby | Willie T

July 10 2009 . 04:27pm

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RIME on VIMBY by Willie T

June 22 2009 . 06:59pm

LOS ANGELES – Originally from Staten Island, Rime got into graffiti and went to school for art. Take a walk up the Griffith Park trail and he talks about his art.

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More photos from Willie T

June 21 2009 . 05:21am

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Estevan Oriol | SA Studios

March 14 2009 . 11:51am

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