The Cassinelli Collection – Keith Haring

April 07 2010 . 04:20am

"Look at any photo of a person staring at a Keith Haring subway drawing and you will see the trance – the train of thought that person is experiencing. It’s taken years to finally understand the changes that came about from this generation and the significance it created in government, community, aids awareness, kids in need, etc. It was the art of taking a stand and demanding change without protesting, forcing blame or judgment on any individual that created the impetus for this change to occur." – Gary Cassinelli

The Cassinelli Collection is unique because it was assembled by someone close to Keith Haring who acquired the work directly from the artist and his circle of friends.

The collection has been in storage for nearly thirty years (since Haring’s death).

If you are interested in finding out more about this special collection please visit or call 212-244-4189.

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