Pose and KC Ortiz at Known Gallery | AMP Energy video

September 28 2010 . 10:00pm

AMP Energy brings you inside Pose and KC Ortiz first gallery show together. Pose’s show is entitled "Rumble" and is a collection of paintings and illustrations and KC Ortiz’s show is entitled "Forced Rebellion" and showcases photos of the Hmong group in Laos.

Find out more at: ampenergy.com / wearesupervision.com

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KC Ortiz website updates

September 22 2010 . 10:53am

I just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know that I have some updated work on my website, three new galleries, all involving Burma.  It is just the beginning of a much larger project but I will be updating and adding different galleries as the project progresses.

The first gallery is on the Rohingya, Burma’s Muslim minority, labeled the most persecuted people on the planet by the UN.

I met with the DKBA 5th Brigade just days after they rejected the Burmese junta’s Border Guard Force and as they prepared for the upcoming offensive by the SPDC, a bold move that in turn united the Karen resistance after nearly 20 years of infighting.

I attended the KNLA’s martyrs day and spent time with them on their frontline base inside of Karen State, Burma.

Find out more at: kcortiz.photoshelter.com

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Complex.com | Portfolio Review: POSE

September 04 2010 . 02:34pm

For nearly two decades, graffiti artist POSE has been leaving his mark on the world. Originally from Chicago and now residing in L.A., POSE has paid his dues in the streets, and more recently he’s been putting together work for gallery shows. We recently spoke with POSE to discuss a few of his favorite pieces, including work from an upcoming show at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal. Hit the jump to check out POSE’s work and the stories behind the artist’s favorite pieces.

Read entire interview at: Complex.com

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POSE and WITNES taking care of business in Montreal, Canada

September 03 2010 . 06:55pm

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September 03 2010 . 06:50pm

Available at: Juxtapoz.com

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