January 21 2010 . 03:08am

LRG brought me out to their offices in Irvine and presented me with their main lobby as a blank canvas (a 22 x 27 ft. white wall).
Here’s are a video and acouple pics from the project.
Photos by Mike Glory


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December 15 2009 . 06:48pm

Find out more at: UsVersusThem.com

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Us Versus Them x Crooks & Castles | RISE UP

December 04 2009 . 09:54pm

The shirt will be released Friday December 11th, 2009 and will be available exclusively at the Crooks & Castles flagship stores, select top tier Us Versus Them stockists and online at


About the project:

From Us Versus Them designer Graham Nystrom:
      "When we create designs for our clothing, we try to make sure even the simplest ideas have some sort of depth and meaning behind it.  T shirts are one of the most effective platforms to convey an idea, and we like creating graphics and designs that not only look good but convey some sort of attitude or message. 

       When I first started working out the concept behind the collab with Dennis at Crooks, both of our brands have such strong aesthetics and branding, so I wanted to incorporate something that brought together not only a message, but a strong blending of our visual styles in a way that stands out from the generic crop of tshirts that is floating around now.  Both myself and Dennis have a great appreciation for the hand painted Polo designs that were ubiquitous on their products from the teddy bears to the sport collections in the 90’s, and we felt that this was the proper way to go.

       The whole idea behind the concept of the painting is basically rising from the struggles, hustles, poverty, strife, etc, to power, wealth, style, etc.  It plays with the themes from both of the brands, which are about making your own way to the top, whether its financially, politically, artistically, etc – by whatever means necessary.   In the painting, you have the skull (symbol of death/danger) which attracts the eye first, surrounded by a hangman’s noose, machetes and the palm tree. These are placed to reference our crosscut logo, but also because they are symbols of struggle, and the palm tree representing third world countries where strife is commonplace.  The banner brings the eye up from that section to the upper section, which has the symbols of wealth and power.  The jeweled crown, the castle rising from it symbolizing wealth and power – referencing Crooks & Castles ubiquitous icons – and the rope from the noose emerges from behind the banner and is woven into a nautical hitch knot to reference class and luxury.  The keys being the tools one uses to open locked doors, represent the actions people take to rise up above their circumstances and create a better life for themselves."


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Us Versus Them | 2009 Fall/ Holiday 2009

October 01 2009 . 08:48pm

Click above to peep the new Us Versus Them Fall/ Holiday 2009

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Us Versus Them event Jan. 23

January 21 2009 . 01:31am

Find out more at: VERSUS

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