May 22 2012 . 01:54am

The Seventh Letter just launched a new section online for TSL FILMS!

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PUSH – The Seventh Day Project | AMP Energy

February 07 2011 . 09:07pm

Find out more at: knowngallery.com/push

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SEVER – The Seventh Day Project | AMP Energy

January 19 2011 . 03:41am

Find out more at: thelossprevention.blogspot.com

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Eukarezt – The Seventh Day Project

May 07 2010 . 12:32am

Find out more at: eukarezt.com

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Known Gallery artist KEEGAN GIBBS in Bali, Indonesia

June 02 2009 . 05:54pm

The last couple of days I have been surfing a ton. So much that I woke up this morning slightly unmotivated to get out there, despite it being sick. So seeing I have been surfing more than shooting photos, I figure it would be a good excuse to get out in the water with the camera to share what the waves look like out front.

Click Clack for…


All the photos were shot with my Canon 5D mkii, inside of an SPL Waterhousing with a Canon 17-40 f4 shot at 18mm.

Keegan Gibbs

Check out TheKeeganGibbs.com to see a complete run down of these amazing photos.

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