Known Gallery presents BOB ROBERTS and BERT KRAK

July 01 2010 . 08:44pm

Bob Roberts and Bert Krak | Ladies Welcome
Opening: July 31st, 2010 | 8-11pm
Show runs: July 31st – August 21st, 2010

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hours during shows:
Wednesday thru Saturday: 12 – 7pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm

About the artists:

Bob Roberts
The man, the myth, the legend: Bob Roberts. Few people have had the impact on tattooing that Bob Roberts has. His sheer artistic genius is sublime, and his biography reads the same way. For over thirty years he has been part of the vanguard of talented tattoo artists who, unbeknownst to them at the time, have pushed tattooing from a craft to an art form.
The list of artists Bob has worked alongside reads like a star-studded who’s who of the tattoo artist hall of fame, of which Bob would no doubt be a member if such a thing existed. He apprenticed with Colonel Todd and Bob Shaw at the infamous Pike and then worked alongside Cliff Raven, Greg Irons, Paul Rogers, Jack Rudy and Don Ed Hardy. His own shop, Spotlight Tattoo, continues to house a roster of talented artists bent on following in Bob’s footsteps.
Bob’s creative genius is not limited to tattooing and painting, he is also an accomplished musician. His musical career reads much the same as his tattoo resume. Bob has played with Ruben and the Jets, Hot Tuna, The Offs, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, to name a few. His life has been “rock and roll” as well; Frisco, New York, LA, Europe, Japan, Bob has done the world tour. He’s also ridden across most of the United States on a Harley, and he’s “ridden it like he stole it.” That is how Bob lives his life, and his artwork reflects it.
But the thing that stands out the most to me about Bob is his persona. Ungovernable, fiercely independent, Bob does not compromise…. He does it HIS way. And thankfully for us, Bob Roberts has forever changed tattooing for the better.

Takahiro “Taki” Kitamura
State of Grace
June 2010

Bert Krak

Loyal husband, father of four, expert tattooer, fine artist , business man, genius. Was born July 12,1977 in Hollywood, FL. Met his wife in 95. Had his first son in 96 . Started tattooing and painting around the year 2000. Currently owns and operates Top Shelf Tattooing in Queens, NY and Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, NY. Specializes in electric walk up style laser proof tattooing that look like they were drawn and applied by a man.

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BERT KRAK at Spotlight tattoo August 19-20

August 17 2009 . 08:16pm

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New BERT KRAK fitted hat for 1333 Minna

August 11 2009 . 11:44pm

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New Known Gallery artist | Bert Krak

March 20 2009 . 05:00pm

A little bit about Bert Krak

I started tattooing full time at Rock-A-Billy Tattoo in Lauderhill, Florida six years ago on Labor Day. Dave Poole apprenticed me for about two years prior to that. My apprenticeship consisted of working a full time job in the day time, raising a family, and working at the tattoo shop at night. Dave and many other artists that were around me taught me not only how to tattoo but how to be a gentleman, businessman, and a craftsman. My time at Rock-A-Billy with Danny Knight, Uncle Johnny, Dave Poole, and Joey Desormeaux was one of the best learning environments I could have been in. I am very grateful for all the knowledge that was past down to me, and I owe all these guys in more ways than one.

I am currently living, tattooing, and raising my family in Queens, New York. I work at Top Shelf Tattooing and work by appointment or walk in. I specialize in classic american tattooing, but I will try to accomodate any customers request. I draw inpiration from many sources, but mostly from my closest friends and family members.

See Bert’s profile HERE

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