Know Hope | The Abstract And The Very Real

August 29 2013 . 08:06pm

Greatcoat Films have collaborated with Lazarides to produce a short film on Know Hope’s The Abstract And The Very Real. Watch for a closer examination of the artist, the ideas and imagery that motivate his work, and the making of his solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone.

Director: Geej Ower
Producer: Simon Oxley
Cameras: Geej Ower & Jack Hextall
Sound: Leaf Troupe
Interview: Jo Steingold
Music: Bela Tar “High Life”
Production Company: Greatcoat Films Ltd.

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Know Hope part 2 | In loving remembrance of a close friend

July 24 2013 . 02:22am



The piece I painted in memory of my friend was stolen. Last week I went back and painted this, a silhouette of the original image.

Know Hope

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New Know Hope piece in loving remembrance of a close friend…

July 09 2013 . 04:18am


Find out more at:

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Know Hope solo exhibition at Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel

February 21 2013 . 10:25pm


In his upcoming two part solo exhibition, “Things That Stand Between / Things Left Standing Behind”, Know Hope continues his observation on the various forms of intermediate states, while focusing on ‘things that stand between’- borders, fences, flags and walls.

In the exhibitions, Know Hope attempts to portray these images while perceiving them as an emotional mechanism.

The artist does so by personifying these symbols and creating parallels between their functions and minor human conditions that compose the layered everyday reality.

This is an exhibition that takes place in two parts-

The first opening on February 28th (closing 18/3), and the second on March 21st (closing 6/4) , as a continuation and conclusion of the first.

This is Know Hope’s first solo exhibition in a gallery in Israel.

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Know Hope in South Africa

January 15 2013 . 10:26pm

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One of our favorites, KNOW HOPE.

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