Girl Skateboards Celebrates 20 Years

August 23 2013 . 12:20am

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Victor Reyes | SOS “Save our Souls” 2011 print available now

April 06 2011 . 08:01pm

S.O.S is the result of an argument between printmaker and painter. The dialog between printer and artist creates a tension which transforms a sketch of a painting into a new object as a print, only resembling the original in gesture. SOS is represented by a heavily weighed and decaying, yet vibrantly colored and hopeful ship floating in a void.  SOS is fully realized within the brush strokes of Gouache  and hand pulled layers of pure pigmented acrylic, setting a course to the silver lining somewhere amongst the ebb and flow of printing and painting.

The edition was hand printed using Golden acrylics at Moon Editions, CA. Every print is hand embellished with a Holbein Gouache Palette by the Artist , making each unique. Limited to an edition of 40.

13 Color Serigraph with hand embellishments on Stonehenge 250 gsm Black
28" x 22.5"
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
Edition of 40.
Only Available at:
$140.00 + 10.00 S&H in the United States
Available worldwide 15.00 S&H

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NORM – The Seventh Day Project | AMP Energy

December 07 2010 . 09:33pm


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REYES – The Seventh Day Project | AMP Energy

November 07 2010 . 05:39pm

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The Seventh Day Project returns…

October 07 2010 . 05:44pm


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