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February 19 2015 . 09:42pm

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January 27 2015 . 08:07am

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It’s been six years since the last ABC Zine was released and for the newest edition The Flop Box has enlisted an all-star cast of eclectic individuals from various backgrounds and generations that includes seasoned veterans to future staples. With no restrictions or parameters given, each artist was free to interpret the first letter of their name however they felt fit, just as long as it remained black and white and was confined to size of a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Participating artists include Askew, Baer, Curve, Dmote, Enron, Faust, Gorey. Hindue, Isto, Jase, Kaput, Large, Mast, Noah, Omens, Pure, Quake, Remio, Sp.One, Trixter, Utah, Veks, Wands, Xqsme, Yes2, Zephyr and Vizie.

28 pages, 8.5” x 5.5” high quality black and white printing, hand numbered, hand screen-printed cover, various Egg Shell stickers included. Edition of 400.

To find out more Information visit  www.theflopbox.com

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REVOK | Sound Advice on TheWorldsBestEver.com

November 21 2009 . 03:12pm

Sound Advice 27 – Revok’s Quiet Storm

Side A

01 Don’t Explain  –  Nina Simone
02 This Night Has Opened My Eyes  –  The Smiths
03 Unmade Bed  –  Sonic Youth
04 The Flame  –  The Black Keys
05 Don’t Let Me Down  –  The Beatles
06 I Don’t Know Why  –  The Rolling Stones
07 Guess I’m Doing Fine  –  Beck
08 Babe, You Turn Me On  –  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
09 Harvest Moon  –  Neil Young
10 The Funeral  –  Band of Horses
11 A Blueprint Of Something Never Finished  –  The Six Part Seven
12 The Tourist  –  Radiohead
13 Lord  –  Sleepy Sun
14 Rockets  –  Cat Power
15 Castles Made of Sand  –  The Jimi Hendrix Experience
16 Simple Man  –  Lynyrd Skynard
17 Echoes  –  Pink Floyd
18 Black Magic  –  Portugal The Man
19 Jump In The Pool  –  Friendly Fires
20 Close To Me  –  The Cure

Side B

21 Man’s Temptation  –  Isaac Hayes
22 Startstruck  –  Santogold
23 Only You  –  Portishead
24 Call My Name  –  Prince
25 Since I Had You  –  Marvin Gaye
26 If you Want Me To Stay  –  Sly and the Family Stone
27 My Lover’s Prayer  –  Otis Redding
28 Sugar  –  Lenny Kravitz
29 Love is Stronger Than Pride  –  Sade
30 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart  –  Al Green
31 Love TKO  –  Teddy Pendergrass
32 Her Ghost  –  Jon Brion
33 Looking for Another Pure Love  –  Stevie Wonder
34 Just Like a Woman  –  Joe Cocker
35 Voyage To Atlantis  –  The Isley Brothers
36 Purrfect  –  Funky Porcini
37 Tea Leaf Dancers  –  Flying Lotus
38 All That You Give  –  Cinematic Orchestra
39 Ball & Chain  –  Anthony Hamilton
40 Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)  –  Aretha Franklin
41 I Cover The Waterfront  –  Billie Holliday
42 A Love Supreme  –  Alice Coltrane

Download Sound Advice 27 Now!

Find out more at: TheWorldsBestEver.com

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RIME aka JERSEY JOE in Berlin, Germany

November 20 2009 . 04:17am

I just got home from Berlin. Attached is some stuff I did while there..


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REVOK x Charles Hamilton x Keegan Gibbs billboard video

November 16 2009 . 04:03pm

Find out more: REVOK, Keegan Gibbs & Charles Hamilton

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