COMPLEX MAGAZINE | The 25 Greatest LA Graffiti Writers

October 26 2011 . 09:12pm

Being asked to put together a comprehensive list of “The 25 Greatest Los Angeles Writers” is a slippery undertaking. While i am excited at the opportunity to celebrate the city’s scene that made me, and one I hold in such high regard, I am sure to overlook some important persons and will undoubtedly make loads of new enemies and rekindle the flames with past ones… However here I go.

These are people that I feel are some of the most important, I am sure everybody has their idea of who’s who and who did what but i was asked and this is my list, and of course i am going to play favorites… it’s my list! However, I did try to be as unbiased as possible and represent different writers from all the different scenes, crews, and areas of the city… West side, East side, S-C to the valley…


The 25 Greatest LA Graffiti Writers.


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