Happy Easter from Above

April 13 2009 . 04:11pm

 Outrage over AIG bonuses with taxpayer money has taken many forms, but street artist Above gave it an Easter twist. Whether you’re searching for Easter eggs or those billions of dollars in bailout money, Above’s response echoes many taxpayer’s sentiments, in a more creative way than most.


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Shepard Fairey at Merry Karnowsky

September 29 2006 . 06:57am

What an amazing show Shepard Fairey had at Merry Karnosky tonite! The show should have been called "The Red Dot Show" because that’s all you saw next to all the pieces. Congrats to our boy Shepard! These photos are from Evan Cerasoli.

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September 15 2006 . 08:42pm

Check out Banksy art show if your in L.A. _Barely Legal 2476 Hunter St. Los Angeles, CA 90021
Here’s a couple of photos we took today.

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