DJ Muggs x UNDFTD Commercial

February 25 2010 . 05:50am

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Mr. Cartoon and Cope2 collaboration

September 29 2009 . 03:20pm

Check out this collaboration I did with Cope 2 who was visiting form the Bronx. My foundation came from graffiti and I love to do a piece every chance I get. Good lookin out to Toomer TKO, Cope KD, WCA and AWR for comin through.

Mr. Cartoon

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Baller Status | Estevan Oriol: Reinventing The Strategy

August 11 2009 . 02:56am

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Mr. Cartoon radio interview with Ed Lover

August 11 2009 . 02:51am

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MR. CARTOON | Shock The World 2009 Presented by G-Shock

August 06 2009 . 07:39pm

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