Preview photos from KMNDZ’s upcoming show at the Shooting Gallery

September 25 2009 . 02:28pm

Here are a few shots of the upcoming Shooting Gallery show. Its primarily all in pen, hope the shots work for you. Hope to see some of you there or at BBTV. The piece in the flyer will also be in the show.


Find out more at:

Shooting Gallery, San Francisco | October 10th, 2009

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Amanda Lynn at Shooting Gallery | Hell’s Belles

September 24 2009 . 02:13am

Today I dropped off one of my newest pieces at Shooting Gallery in
SF, Ca. for the 4th Annual Hell’s Belles Car Club Derby and Art
Auction. I painted the hood of a 1932 Model T with one of my newest
images, ‘Hell’s Bella’, she is painted all in catalyzed, polyurethane
automotive paint and accented with some gold leaf touches. I am super
stoked on this piece, as we have had this old hood sitting around the
shop for years, and I finally had a good reason to make it beautiful.
All proceeds from the Art Auction benefit The Bay Area Women’s and
Children’s Center, SF.

Show takes place: Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Doors open at 6pm – Derby starts at 8pm sharp
Shooting Gallery, 839 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

*see progress pics at:

for more info…

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Shawn Barber | Tattooed Portraits: Snapshots

July 28 2009 . 03:35am

I have been working on a new body of work for a solo show in San Francisco at The Shooting Gallery- and it opens on the 15th of August, runs through September 8th…
I started painting tattooed artists in 2005, obsessively documenting the men and women that define contemporary american tattoo art. My dedication and enthusiasm for the art form gradually opened doors for me to learn the craft from some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world. I find myself at a crossroads, with an unwavering passion for painting and an equal desire to practice the craft of tattooing.
Presently, my life is consumed with tattooing, the art of tattoo and documentation of tattooing through painting.
Every day, the intimacy of tattooing saturates all that I do. It keeps going deeper, layered and more personal.

Tattooed Portraits: Snapshots is a glimpse into that intimacy.

Opening Reception, Saturday, August 15th, 7pm-11pm, 2009

The Shooting Gallery
839 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109

If you are in the area while the show is up, or make it to the opening- please let me know.
hope that you enjoy,

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Shawn Barber – Tattooed Portraits 2 at Shooting Gallery

May 05 2007 . 12:16pm

Tattooed Portraits 2
May 5th 2007
Shooting Gallery
839 larkin street, san francisco, ca 94109

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