Rime | Rattlecan

March 15 2013 . 01:16am

The dynamic duo Chef Sam “Sammy D” Demarco of First Food & Bar and celebrity designer Antonio Ballatore of HGTV’s Antonio treatment, bring Manhattan’s Lower East Side vibe to their new urban eatery on the Las Vegas strip. A culinary and artistic collaboration that features unbeatable burgers, signature shots, and exciting art installations by the country’s top street, graffiti, and photographic artists. This new venture is sure to be a bustling hub of street culture, New York-style nightlife, and imaginative cuisine.

Rattlecan is bringing some of the highest quality street artists in the world under one roof on the Las Vegas Strip. The array of awe-inspiring work by renowned artists RIME, AIKO, HOW and NOSM, KRINK, KING RUCK, DEFER, Buck Wild, Martha Cooper, Kenneth Cappello, Curtis Kulig (LOVE ME), and Richard Duardo of Modern Multiples create the boldly unique interior of the restaurant.

Find out more at: jerseyjoeart.com

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Rodrigo Level | Uma Cores art show in Sao Paulo

July 29 2011 . 05:19pm

Find out more at: rodrigolevel.com

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Barry McGee | TRANSFER Sao Paulo, Brasil

December 21 2010 . 09:20pm

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Caligrafia art show in São Paulo

April 28 2009 . 03:15pm


Participating artists include:

Andrea Branco (São Paulo) – Atsuo (Kyoto) – Billy Argel (São Paulo) – Binho (São Paulo) – Bruce Bishop (Los Angeles) – Buia (São Paulo) – Calma (São Paulo) – Casper (Osaka) – Chaz Bojorquez (Los Angeles) – Chivitz (São Paulo) – Claudio Gil (Rio de Janeiro) – DanielONE (São Paulo) – Das (London) – Dise (Osaka) – Dimitry Oskes (Moscow) – Dionr (São Paulo) – Does (São Paulo) – Eine (London) – Eltono (Madrid) –  Fefe Talavera (Madrid) –  Ivan Szazi (São Paulo) –  Jorge Galvão (Curitiba) – Jun Matsui (São Paulo) – KR (New York) – L’Atlas (Paris) – Loomit (Munich) – Luca Barcellona (Milan) – Magoo Felix (São Paulo) – Mariana Martins (São Paulo) – Marcone (São Paulo) – Nuno Valério (Barcelona) – Onio (Brazil) – Pedro Inoue (São Paulo) – Pifo (Osaka) – Pingarilho (São Paulo) – Pjota (São Paulo) – Point (Prague) – Remed (Madrid) – Retna (Los Angeles) – Ripo (Barcelona) – Rubens Matuck (São Paulo) – Saber (Los Angeles) – Tony de Marco (São Paulo) – Trampo (Porto Alegre) – Tristan Eaton (New York) – Zezão (São Paulo) – Zosen (Barcelona).

Galeria Choque Cultural
Rua João Moura, 997, Pinheiros, São Paulo

Opening night Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
Show runs through June 27th, 2009

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What’s a world without outdoor advertising?

February 07 2009 . 04:50am

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