New Seventh Letter products available NOW!

September 15 2009 . 02:49pm

Click image to get your Seventh Letter products NOW!

These bags were custom designed for touring around the world. These bags have skateboard straps, waterproof areas, laptop, ipod, marker and spray can holders, hidden pockets and more. Peep the details on jump. These are limited, so get yours before they’re sold out at

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Reyes painting hanging proud in Louis Vuitton store San Francisco

September 07 2009 . 06:08am

See more from Victor Reyes at: and

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MODERNISM | Charity skatedeck show in San Francisco recap

August 28 2009 . 06:03am

Find out more at:

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Moderism West preview | San Francisco

August 20 2009 . 02:48pm

Recently I under took co curating a skate deck artshow for charity. The show is at Moderism West. The gallery is located inside the a restaurant: Foreign Cinema 2534 MIssion St. San Francisco. I asked a few friends to donate there time and the show looks amazing. Here is a sneak peek. I will post the whole show in a few days!

Retna, Push, Andy Stattmiller, Krush, Steel, Nicholas Portalupi, Victor Reyes, Lango Olivera, Bret Aronson, Grime, Shawn Barber, Dylan Maddux, Amanda Lynn, Henry Lewis, Bryan Ranere, Todd White and Saber.

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Preview of Goorin Bros artshow

July 24 2009 . 08:38pm

Here is a teaser of what i can say will be a great show. If you are in the Bay and can make the opening plese stop in, we have been breaking ourselves to turn the studio into a gallery for the night, this will be the first show to compliment the release of our new Fall Line. hope to see you there

Victor Reyes……

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