10th Biennale de Lyon teaser video

September 14 2009 . 05:20pm

Biennale de Lyon

La Sucrière 
Museum of Contemporary Art Bullukian Foundation 
Bichat Warehouse
September 16, 2009 to January 3, 2010

We are living in the society of the spectacle. In spite of its alienating effects on our life and social relationships, it’s one of the very fundamental conditions of our existence. We perceive the world and communicate with each other through the spectacle – a system of image production and representation dominated by the logic of market capitalism which tends to “develop” our faculties of perception, imagination and reflection towards a “one dimensional model” formatted by the language of consumerist ideology. This is also the very contemporary condition of our self-identification and social order “guaranteed” by the established power system. As a main typology of artistic and cultural events of our time, biennials of contemporary art are no doubt an ultimate form of expression of such a tendency…

Find out more about the 10th Biennale de Lyon HERE

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Barry McGee off site installation for The Armory Center For Arts

September 14 2009 . 02:28pm

Installations Inside / Out: Armory 20th Anniversary Exhibition
September 20 – December 31, 2009
Opening reception Saturday, September 19, 2009, 6-9 p.m.
Jay Belloli and Sinéad Finnerty-Pyne, curators

This exhibition will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Armory Center for the Arts by commissioning contemporary artists, who have created art installations in the past, to make new site-specific art installations both inside and outside the Armory.   Approximately 10 of the installations will be at outdoor sites at various locations in Pasadena, including Edgar Arceneaux, Daniel Buren, Rockne Krebs, Barry McGee, Carlos Mollura, Matthew Moore, Jane Mulfinger, Bruce Nauman, Barbara Smith.  Artists in the exhibition will include Kim Abeles, Deborah Aschheim, Carl Cheng, Seth Kaufman, Michael C. McMillen, Sarah Perry, Ed Ruscha, Betye Saar, John Trevino, Pae White, and Mario Ybarra Jr. Videos of Arceneaux’s and Nauman’s off-site performances will be in the Armory’s gallery. Barbara Smith will also do a performance at the exhibition opening on September 19, 2009.

The exhibition will reflect the Armory Gallery’s long-standing goal supporting contemporary Southern California artists, as well as the Gallery’s determination to bring art to the public in exterior, non-art locations.

A limited edition publication documenting the exhibition will accompany this show.

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Barry McGee book release this October

July 21 2009 . 04:11pm

Aaron Rose’s publishing company, Alleged Press, will be publishing the book Barry McGee by Barry McGee this Halloween. Check out Alleged Press to find more

Source: RCVA.com

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