September 23 2009 . 04:06pm

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The King of Philly Dreamin of Free-dom

June 23 2009 . 04:04pm

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Keegan Gibbs in Philly

March 07 2009 . 06:15am

Keegan is my partner in TSL FILMS, the exclusive photographer for TSL ARMOR and one of my very good friends. Check out what Keegan’s doing away from home HERE.

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Today’s note: Let the Dollar CIRCULATE

February 28 2009 . 03:52pm

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Agua MSK BDR doing it in Philly

April 15 2007 . 01:54pm

Recently graffiti legend Agua and Chic Raw of Top Shottas came together to do an in store collaboration at WTHN in Philadelphia. The installation itself is about violence and reckless murders in Philly. This is defintely something worth checking out, if you are in the Philly area or anywhere close, go to WTHN. You can see more in store shots and more of Chic Raw after the jump.

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