June 26 2015 . 06:58pm

If you pinpoint the intersection where street art, pop culture, skate, punk rock, hip hop, DIY culture and politics converge, you will find Shepard Fairey. His ubiquitous art and iconography has become virtually unavoidable. He represents everything that Agenda Emerge intends to achieve and his Emerge lecture was a highlight of the conference. For more information on Agenda Emerge Conferences, click here.

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Celebrating 100 years of Leica Innovation | Thursday, April 24th 2014

April 24 2014 . 08:36pm


Launch Event Party / Celebrating 100 years of Leica Innovation
Thursday, April 24th 2014 | 7-10 PM

Leica Store Los Angeles
8783 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Leica Chairman Andreas Kauffman will be present
to debut the new generation of Leica.

DJ Shepard Fairey


Instagram powered photo booth
MakerBot innovation Station


KILLSPENCER exclusive collaboration
Additional work form Van Styles, Craig Semetko, Stash




Exclusive t-shirts with The Seventh Letter + V/SUALS


@LeicaCraft @Leica_Camera @theseventhletter @mr_stash @van_styles @morgometry @obeygiant @instagram @makerbot @killspencer

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Saber – #DefendTheArts Over the New York City Skyline | FRANK 151

September 25 2012 . 06:15pm

It seemed almost overly ambitious, but last Sunday artist Saber made good on his promise to dispatch a fleet of skywriting jets over a major American City. That major American city was New York.

For approximately one hour on Sunday, September 23rd, a fleet of five synchronized jets created words and phrases visible over greater NYC. Saber’s campaign was meant to raise awareness about art-program cuts that would most likely take place in a Mitt Romney administration.

This is footage from Sunday’s campaign shot at various locations, complete with Saber speaking about what it took, and how it felt, to “get up” that big. / / / / / /

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September 22 2011 . 06:54am

Statement from the Artist:


End Mural Moratorium. Art Is Not A Crime…

The reason I hired five jet planes to sky write over City Hall and downtown Los Angeles is to bring awareness to how ridiculous a moratorium on public art is.

The city states that all public murals are signage, effectively banning art from the walls of Los Angeles. And it is removed at the taxpayers’ expense. Money is given to private graffiti removal companies, who have broken onto private property to paint murals beige. The owners of small businesses where murals have been painted have been harassed and threatened with fines if they do not remove the artwork. Police officers raid homes and places of work, intimidating artists and building owners. During this time of economic crisis, “mural signs” are an easy target for the city to extract money. This moratorium is a clear violation of the first amendment right to free speech and enforcement for these unreasonable laws is a complete waste of taxpayer funds.

To put things in perspective I recently visited the beautiful set of murals inside the Terminal Annex Building on Alameda. This mural was painted in 1941-44 and was funded by the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA). Murals are just a part of the legacy of a national program that put the country to work during the Great Depression.

Fast-forward to the Great Recession, taxpayer money is now used to obliterate all traces of the artwork my generation have created. I believe this is city-funded censorship pushed by lawmakers with personal vendettas. Potential jail time is more probable for us than the opportunity of creating an artistic legacy for the next generation. In a city that used to proudly call itself the “Mural Capitol Of The World,” the officials who enforce this ban should be ashamed to call themselves “Angelinos.”

Art Is Not A Crime… End Mural Moratorium.


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SABER x SHEPARD FAIREY | Exclusive photos by Todd Mazer

November 01 2010 . 03:28am

Photos by: Todd Mazer

More at: /

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