Nothing To Say Group Show at Guerrero Gallery | Opening

January 11 2011 . 08:00am

“Nothing To Say”, a group exhibition featuring works by over thirty artists. The title of the show is a concept/word-play on the idea that an artist’s piece should be able to stand alone, speaking for itself.  This exhibition provides both a visual and literal dialog between viewers and works, with each of the artists being individuals who naturally utilize text within their works.

Featured Artists:
Ala Ebtekar.  Alex Lukas.  Alexis Mackenzie.  Andew Schoultz.  Ben Venom.  Billy O’Callaghan.  Brett Cook.  Brian Cooper.  Caleb Neelon. CK Wilde.  Claire Colette.  Eric Yahnker.  Erik Foss.   Erin Riley.  Frohawk Two-Feathers.  Glen Baldridge.  Jeff Canham.  Jim Houser.  Jon Bocksel.  Jud Bergernon.  Kelsey Brookes.  Larry Mullins.  Marie Koetje.  Mark Mulroney.  Mark Wagner.  Matt Leines.  Mike Davis.  Patrick Martinez.  Paul Brainard.  Richard Colman.  Rogelio Martinez.  Tim Diet.  Wes Lang.  Yuri Psinakis.

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Nothing To Say Group Show at Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco

December 30 2010 . 09:20pm

Curated Group Show
January 08, 2011 — February 05, 2011

Featured Artists:

CK Wilde
Ala Ebtekar
Alex Lukas
Alexis Mckenzie
Ben Venom
Brett Cook
Brian Cooper
Caleb Neelon
Claire Colette
Eric Yahnker
Erin Riley
Frohawk Two-Feathers
Glen Baldridge
Jim Houser
Jon Bocksel
Jud Bergeron
Kelsey Brookes
Larry Mullins
Mark Mulroney
Mark Wagner
Matt Leines
Mike Davis
Patrick Martinez
Paul Brainard
Richard Colman
Rogelio Martinez
Tim Diet
Wes Lang
Yuri Psinakis

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