July 11 2011 . 03:19am

In my youth, I was obsessed with graffiti, everything I did revolved around painting. Previous to that, my obsessions ran a much darker course, and writing graffiti kept my demons at bay, so I threw myself into it entirely.

I thought I would do graffiti always and forever, until I started tattooing.
Tattooing has taken me across the country and around the world and turned into something I hadn’t come close to imagining.

I’m really grateful for Known Gallery and TITS for putting this show together. For my show I’ve focused all my attention on the space in between the two things I love, graffiti and making tattoos. Beyond that, there is no more thought or context in my work but making the kind of art I want to make and that I want to see by any means available to me. The stuff I make is for me and whoever else likes it.

Also showing with me are Steel, Trevelen and Lani Lee and I couldn’t be in better company.


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NORM and LANI LEE for ALWAYS at Known Gallery

July 10 2011 . 07:50pm

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NORM | ALWAYS video – Willie T

July 08 2011 . 02:22pm

Video: Willie T

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Willie T in the studio with NORM getting ready for ALWAYS art show

July 04 2011 . 03:03pm


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ALWAYS at Known Gallery | Norm, Steel, Trevelen and Lani Lee

July 03 2011 . 12:05am

Find out more at:,,, and

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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