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June 24 2010 . 02:58am

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Midzt Wrongly Arrested by Police for Cat Graffiti

April 15 2010 . 08:37pm

Deputies Arrest Suspected ‘Cat’ Tagger

Apr 15, 2010 3:48 pm US/Pacific, LOS ANGELES (CBS)

You might have seen the "cat" tags all over downtown Los Angeles.

They’re on buildings and on freeways.

They’re the faces of cats.

They might seem cute but they cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Wearing cuffs, Andy Rios says deputies have the wrong guy – so he won’t take credit for these "cats."

"That’s not me painting them," Rios told CBS 2/KCAL 9 reporter Rita Garcia Wednesday.

Tagged all over buildings and freeways recently, it’s already cost taxpayers more than $15,000 to clean up.

Only CBS 2/KCAL 9’s camera was there as the 29-year-old was arrested at work.

He’s a part time graphic artist for a skate shop and denies ever using city property as a canvas.

But according to deputies after a search warrant, evidence paints a different picture

"He left items in his apartment that were…identical to what he’s done in the community and the unlawful vandalism," said Lt. Erik Rubel with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The alleged tagger’s signature mark – a cat print, was found in the window.

"What he has done is the symbols, the cats and faces, so it took a little bit to identify who he was," Rubel said.

Deputies tracked him down through the nickname "midtz" and turns out he was evicted from his apartment months prior to deputies serving their warrants.

But with the help of tipsters, detectives arrested Rios.

Rios continues to maintain his innocence.

"The restitution is the key because that’s reimbursing taxpayers for all the damage he’s done and that should be foremost in any sediment with him and convictions he might face in the future," Rubel said.

Andy Rios faces several counts of felony vandalism.

While he didn’t reveal the meaning behind his art if in fact it’s his, investigators believe he did it to gain notoriety and he chooses his locations based on the high volume of traffic and visibility.

SOURCE: CBS News / Video courtesy of GraffHead

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November 02 2009 . 03:38pm


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ZEVS arrested in Hong Kong | Liquidation

July 21 2009 . 04:05am




In the aftermath of street artist Zevs‘ "liquidation" of Giorgio Armani’s store in Central this week, the Frenchman has had to deal with his arrest and subsequent court case in which he pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Representatives of Giorgio Armani demanded nearly HK$6.7 million in damages. They say because they could not remove the paint from the store’s facade because of its sandstone nature. Zevs said he deliberately used a water-based paint that ought to have been easily removable. But professional cleaners hired by Armani claim otherwise.

The case has been adjourned till 14th August pending both sides’ assessment of the damage. Without prior knowledge to his planned stunt, the Post interviewed Zevs days before the incident and introduced us to some of his previous art work.

Read article HERE

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