Los Angeles by Ian Wood

December 27 2015 . 02:11am

This is the city-wide follow up to my aerial exploration of downtown Los Angeles from last year (vimeo.com/101231747). And much like with downtown, I continue to be awe struck by how much of this vast city I have partially or completely overlooked before undertaking this video. And like most voyages of discovery, I’ve realize there’s so much more to find.

Packing it all into one short-form video has been nigh impossible and much didn’t make it for safety, privacy or simply because I couldn’t make it 30 minutes long! Notably missing are: LAX Theme Building, both Gettys, some Lautner homes, numerous beautiful buildings, the Gabba gallery, many murals that vanished before I got to them, and much of downtown featured in last year’s video.

A map of the locations is here: goo.gl/f4fq3U

The music is BLu ACiD’s electro-blues adaptation of “If You Ain’t Never Had The Blues” by Boo Boo Davis and is used with permission. I felt it fitting to a city of eclectic styles and influences, equal parts refined and rough edges. The version used here is my own extended edit. Download the original song here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/if-you-aint-never-had-the-blues/id1006196698?i=1006197030

Droning For Good
With all the controversy about drones, it’s important to remember that they can be (and often are) used responsibly. As with many emerging technologies, the laws struggle to keep up and we must employ a common sense approach to their use that is respectful to community, safety and the law.

My Drone Protocol
– Avoid busy periods, rush hours, special events, etc.
– Avoid sensitive areas or anything that can be misconstrued without prior permission.
– Avoid crowds. Small groups only from the periphery with ground spotters and two-way radios.
– No flights near airports, TFR areas and restricted airspace (FAA class B, C, D).
– Be prepared for local air traffic below 400ft including awareness of helipad locations.
– Operate at or below roof lines to assure separation from air traffic.
– Avoid “loitering” next to residential homes and apts.
– Respect residential areas for quiet and right to privacy.
– Eliminate any material that inadvertently reveals someone in a place of privacy.

For queries regarding my aerial filming, please contact me by email, aerial@ianwood.com.

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Kaaboo Mural at SILO in Markers Quarter by Chop Em Down Films

April 09 2015 . 07:37pm

KAABOO Mural at SILO in Makers Quarter from KAABOO Del Mar on Vimeo.

Watch this painting come to life with the collaborative work by artists Amandalynn, Erin Yoshi, Gloria Muriel and Carly Ealey. We loved seeing the artists work together to create this signature KAABOO wall. Stop by and see it at SILO in Makers Quarter (F Street and 15th Street in San Diego).

Visual art will be an impactful element of KAABOO, in addition to the music, culinary delights, craft libations, comedy and other surprises! Join us in September to experience it for yourself. KAABOO will have a collection of on-site murals, art installations and exhibiting galleries, as well as live painting and sculptures!

Three-day passes on sale now at kaaboodelmar.com
Video by Chop Em Down Films
Music by Moon Duo- Sleepwalker

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Beautiful murals by EL MAC painted in El Paso, Texas

March 31 2015 . 10:01pm

EL PASO x JUÁREZ border murals by EL MAC from ELMAC on Vimeo.

To learn more about the artist please visit elmac.net

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Red Bull Latagrafica Ed. II Closing Event Featuring Frank Romero

October 23 2014 . 05:28am

Since January 2014, 10 inspiring artists were selected to be part of a large public art project entitled Red Bull Latagráfica and were invited to paint a mural, with walls throughout Los Angeles as their canvas, based on the inspiration “puedes,” which translates to “you can.” Whether it means ambition and hustle, overcoming a struggle or hope, artists will answer the question, “What does ‘puedes’ mean to you?” through their completed artwork. The artists selected to be part of this project were: Chris Sanchez, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Fernando Barragan, Germs, Man One, The Date Farmers, Vyal, Wenceslao Quiroz and Frank Romero.This projects purpose is to pay homage to the Los Angeles and Latino art communities through art. On Friday, October 24, we are all invited to attend a closing event which celebrates the completion of this wonderful project and the final mural painted by a Los Angeles Muralist legend Frank Romero and is to be unveiled! This is a very exciting moment. If you are interested in attending this closing event which includes an art installation curated by the 10 Red Bull Latagráfica artists an art, music performances, food, drinks and the unveiling of this new mural, please RSVP your attendance to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/red-bull-latagrafica-closing-event-tickets-13553808807. Event is free and we are all welcome.

WHAT: Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Closing event & Mural N. 10 of 10 Launch
WHERE: Plaza de la Raza, 3540 N. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90031
TIME: 8:30pm to 11:30pm
WEBSITE: www.redbulllatagrafica.com

See you all Friday night.

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Beautiful new murals painted by ETNIK in Germany.

September 11 2014 . 03:53am


Find out more about the artist at: www.etnikproduction.com

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