MOCAtv X Steven Harrington

May 23 2014 . 07:16pm

Steven Harrington is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Like the psychedelic, cartoonish art of Anthony Ausgang, Harrington’s drawings and designs are broadly appealing, having been exhibited in art galleries and incorporated into apparel, furniture and skateboards. Curating for MOCAtv the self-described “image maker” selects videos that speak to his playful aesthetic, including a rotoscoped animation of Cab Calloway and Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.

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MOCAtv | Greg Bojorquez HUMANIZING – Art in the Streets

January 17 2013 . 10:37pm

Photographer Greg Bojorquez walks us through Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, and shoots portraits of new friends at a heavy metal show and a rodeo.

Directed, shot & edited by Steven Andrew Garcia
original music by Michael Vidal of Abe Vigoda
photographs by Greg Bojorquez
produced by Alex Stapleton

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