Richmond Virginia’s Born Ugly magazine

November 02 2010 . 09:31pm

Richmond Virginia’s Born Ugly Magazine Brings The Ocho!

Issue #8 Features:
-A multiple choice interview with Washington DC shredder and photographer Shaun Gregoire
-An interview with Richmond Virginia’s Rob Lee, best known for his awesome art, shitty-spot skating, angry bartending, headbutting acumen, and for having drawn this issue’s comic
-St. Louis Missouri’s DIY, under-the-bridge spot, Kingshighway
-A hardflip in underwear, CRETE Local DIY fundraising ideas, a cross-the-pond Brew Review by UK photographer Alex Irvine, and some LA inspired Hate!

Check it out online at or in print at finer skateshops and galleries.

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City of Angels – 38 Timez Special Issue

January 23 2010 . 01:38am

City of Angels – 38Timez Special Issue featuring Eriberto Oriol & Angelica, Estevan Oriol, Greg Bojorquez, Edgar Hoill, Willie T and De Ville.

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October Pilfered is out with guest editor Christina Ricci

October 05 2009 . 09:38pm

Find out more at:

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Pick a cover for the August issue of PILFERED MAGAZINE

July 21 2009 . 10:39pm

Select on your favorite image in the poll below to vote and comment. The image with the most votes wins the cover for the month of August!

Pilfered Magazine

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Bloodwars Volume 2 / Issue Two | Free download

July 21 2009 . 04:20am

Bloodwars Volume 2 / Issue Two is now out and ready to view! Featuring an interview with Bonus VTS / BKF, this issue is dedicated to all those who have passed recently. Download it and take a look.

Bloodwars is released quarterly. The next issue will be due out in about three months- November. Submissions are welcomed.

Download the new issue here:

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