Sketches from THE MAC’s recent trip to Spain

July 22 2009 . 03:48pm

Here a couple quick little sketches I did in Spain..


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ABOVE | New Video and pics from Madrid, Spain | Ears, Tears & Fears

June 24 2009 . 04:42pm

Spain is the home to Flamenco music and dance. Watch the interaction and dependency of each character and how the word-play evolves from situation to situation.
New works from MADRID, SPAIN.

This Spanish flamenco guitarist plays in a somber mood and is anticipating that his music will make the woman dance thus helping EASE his TEARS.

The Female Flamenco dancer is dependent on the guitarist to play music that will TEASE her EARS make her dance.

The relationship and co-dependency of both characters in need of the others interaction to find happiness is sensual and vulnerable.

I have been searching for over 9-months for this situation!!

I finally found what I was looking for. This character and piece completes the Ears, Tears, & Fears Word-play.

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May 14 2009 . 06:37pm

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