Art Basel 2012: Craola, Tyke Witnes, Dabs & Myla

December 22 2012 . 01:47am

The ongoing Artist Driven series from LRG finds notable graffiti artists CRAOLA, TYKE WITNES and DABSMYLA hitting up this year’s Art Basel festivities in Miami to flex their creative muscles. Showcasing signature style, characters and colors synonymous with each individuals repertoire, the energetic video serves as a visual testament that the street will always be a platform for quality art work.

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Pose, Vizie and Steel in Bangkok, Thailand

March 19 2012 . 03:44am

Coming April 2012

In anticipation for the full-length video which is slated to drop in April, filmmakers KC Ortiz and Dylan Maddux drop off the trailer for the latest Artist Driven series which takes a trio of world-class artists across the pond to Bangkok, Thailand. Featuring Pose, Vizie and Steel, day nor night is safe from the onslaught of paint and debauchery that they’ve brought along for their visit to the “Venice of the East.” For those looking to get a peak at the full-length – patience truly is a virtue.

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F**k The Buff / Creativity Is King video

March 02 2012 . 09:13pm

The “Buff” exists in every city, it is the eradication of Graffiti from our environment. The “Buff” is the brown roller paint that mutes murals, it is the process of taking a dull color and censoring expression. Eavesdrop on the visual dialogue between the artist and his enviornment in this tumultuous and storied relationship.
-Featuring POSE, VIZIE and NEKST.
-Video in collaboration by WEARESUPERVISION & BankShot
-Narration by Charles Bukowski
-Music By the Count Five “Psychotic Reaction”

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WITNES, DABS & MYLA in Miami for Art Basel

December 20 2011 . 11:22pm

Filmed by: Willie T

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Vizie MSK | Artist Driven

July 27 2011 . 07:48pm

Find out more at:

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