June 08 2012 . 11:47pm

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Flora & Fauna | Alynn & Mags video by Lea Bruno

June 05 2012 . 05:54am

Find out more at: alynn-mags.blogspot.com

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May 30 2012 . 03:15am

Find out more at: JerseyJoeArt.com / TheSeventhLetter.com

This video covers the process of Rime, KC, Dabs & Myla leading up to the opening of SKETCHY M%#HERFUCKERS / BREAK NIGHT LOVERS at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. With Lea Bruno following Rime around, this video offers a behind the scenes look at how inspiration was taken in (ingested) and spit out in some odd all night sessions at Known Gallery.

This video in a way is a part two to RIME & SKETCHY M%#HERFUCKERS: vimeo.com/41274919

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RIME | 50 Characters in a row at Art Basel

December 08 2011 . 03:33pm

50 Characters in a row-

This year in Miami the goal was to find a long enough wall to try a new concept, treating bunched characters like a repeated series of throw ups. I wanted to create something that had a similar feel to what writers of the 70′s & 80′s would paint end to end across subway cars.




The hope was to paint something that grabbed attention for a few seconds while riding by. The longer the wall, the better. With this in mind, I sketched up the idea using the characters eyes as a constant repeating form. Not knowing how long the wall I would end up painting would be, I showed up with only 12 characters and a “YO” throw up sketched…

Getting started with a series of “O” shaped ovals, I ended up marking out spaces for a total of 50 characters.

Having only 12 sketched out I had to freestyle the last 38. This was a real pain in the ass due to all of the foot traffic, chaos, and people approaching me while working over the weekend.

I am happy with the finished result. Some parts are lacking balance, some have funny errors, but it’s a good attempt at something I will try again. This wall looks best in person, or while driving 45mph down NE Miami Ave…

CLICK FOR FULL SIZE IMAGEclick to view large (above photo: lea bruno)

A video of the whole Miami trip will be released in the next few weeks via: THESEVENTHLETTER.com


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