Tyke Witnes | Viet Nam The World Tour | Amsterdam

May 25 2010 . 02:07pm

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New artist profile : THE WITNES

October 04 2009 . 04:19pm

The Witnes is a California based artist born in Saigon, Vietnam during the peak of the War. After being raised in Toronto, Canada for 8 years, he was re-rooted once again to be planted in Southern California.  As a product of the environment, The Witnes became familiar with subcultures such as skateboarding, graffiti and cryptozoology. During the mid to late 80s, The Witnes took notes on the art of graffiti written on the streets, freeways and various walls of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. His older brother tagged Sumet and introduced him to key elements needed for a growing vandal. These ingredients were the book Subway Art, other local graffiti writers (Krush KSN, Eklips AWR and TCF members) and graffiti yards. Twenty years later, The Witnes is still absorbing these same elements. The Witnes is a member of the Los Angeles’s infamous AWR crew, as well as the NASA crew of Cerritos. He currently resides in Orange County, and works as a freelance artist and also works on his own company/project called "EyeWitness". The EyeWitness Brand produces collectibles and apparel. As a hobby, The Witnes partakes in sasquatch searching expeditions and other paranormal activity investigations.
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