Arrested Motion | City of Fire at Stephen Webster, Beverly Hills

June 05 2012 . 08:08pm

Artists: Cyrcle, Thomas Doyle, Ron English, James Jean, Kid Zoom, Dave Kinsey, MARS-1, Patrick Martinez, Pedro Matos, REVOK, Rostarr, Andrew Schoultz, SABER, Jeff Soto, Judith Supine, TrustoCorp, Mark Dean Veca, Nick Walker, and Adam Wallacavage.

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Arrested Motion | City of Fire exhibition at Stephen Webster

April 25 2012 . 04:30pm

Arrested Motion | City of Fire exhibition opens June 5th, 2012 at Stephen Webster in Beverly Hills featuring:

Dave Kinsey, Ron English, Patrick Martinez, James Jean, Kid Zoom, Andrew Schoultz, TrustoCorp, MARS-1, Rostarr, and REVOK.

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New Blood curated by Morgan Spurlock at Thinkspace Gallery

April 24 2012 . 04:46pm





Thinkspace is honored to be working with producer/director/writer/collector Morgan Spurlock (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Supersize Me) on his debut curatorial project. New Blood aims to showcase artists that Spurlock feels have changed the art world forever and has in turn given each of them the chance to invite a protégé of their choice to profile alongside their own work in this very special exhibit.

Thinkspace’s Andrew Hosner comments “We’ve worked closely with Morgan for a number of years now and ever since I interviewed him for our blog a couple years back I’ve wanted to run the idea by him of a curatorial project. Fast forward a year and one day while catching up via phone I just threw it out there to him and he loved the idea. He came back to us a month or so later with a fully realized concept for the show and a wish list of artists to approach. Morgan has always been about helping out and supporting up and coming artists, so to see his vision for this show come to life has been very rewarding.”

Morgan talks a little about his ‘New Blood’:
“I’m a massive art collector who, by way of my habit formed a relationship with Thinkspace’s Andrew Hosner, and when he offered me the opportunity to curate a show I jumped at the chance. The concept of the show is how the torch is passed from one artist to the next. One opens the door so another can follow. And this show is all about artists who I think have and are continuing to impact and change the art world, and each one of these artists is bringing along an ‘apprentice’ or ‘protege’ who they think we all need to know about, the artists they believe are the ‘New Blood’ of the art world.”

Featuring new works from:
Camille Rose Garcia / Travis Lampe
The Date Farmers / Albert Reyes
Dzine / Jesus Bubu Negron
Elizabeth McGrath / Morgan Slade
Gary Baseman / Jesse Dickenson
Gary Taxali / Adrian Forrow
Jonathan Yeo / Charlie Gouldsborough
Mark Jenkins / Sandra Fernandez
Nicola Verlato / Marco Mazzoni
Ron English / Kid Zoom
Saber / ZES
Shepard Fairey / Nicholas Bowers
Tim Biskup / Patrick Hruby

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HOME – New exhibition installation by Ian KID ZOOM Strange

March 25 2012 . 07:50pm

In October 2011, after three years living in New York, artist Ian Strange (Kid Zoom) returned to Australia to create a major new exhibition housed in Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall.  A reflection on Strange’s upbringing as an isolated teen in the Australian suburbs, Home featured a full-scale reproduction of his childhood house rebuilt from early adolescent memory and a film documenting the violent destruction of three Holden commodores.

Of the work, Strange said: “Living away from Australia has meant that questions surrounding my own identity and a genuine sense of place have begun to filter through into my art. More broadly, I wanted to come home to create a work reflecting on my origins in the Australian suburbs I felt that I needed to escape when I was younger. ”

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Young and Free | Australian Street Art Exhibition opens September 10th, 2011

September 08 2011 . 04:20pm

Featuring: Anthony Lister / Kid Zoom / Dabs & Myla / Dmote / New2 / Ben Frost / Meggs / Ha-Ha / Reka / Rone / Sofles / Vexta

941 Geary St.
San Francisco, CA

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