February 06 2013 . 03:32am

In Detroit the streets be wild and only the most thug motherfuckers come out on top, falling on both sides of the law. Veteran detective Rimessy Foley diffuses terrorists attacks, lays the hammer down on sucker mc’s, and comes up on dealers and crackheads. But at the end of the day he always finds time to artfully violate his paper work and rewrite the Arrest Sheet.

“Sit around long enough and you’re bound to come up with something interesting. Whether it’s an all night drawing session, or a series of half-joking ideas blurted out in brainstorming meetings at the 1xRUN headquarters to come up with something new for a promo video.The only agreed upon point was that if we’re going to put out a video, we might as well have fun making it.  Our main goal was to create something obscenely retarded, but cool. Whether it’s on found arrest sheets or in a three minute online video, a bullshit story thrown out there should come across  as amusing, somewhat offensive, and (hopefully) viewable.” – Rime

Arrest Sheets by RIME
On Sale Friday February 8th at 12pm
Exclusively Available at 1xRUN at 1xrun.com/runs/Arrest_Sheets/

30 Felony Edition Print Sets  – 1xrun.com/runs/Arrest_Sheets_Felony_Edition
Five Arrest Sheet Prints Hand-Embellished, Signed & Numbered by RIME
Embellished Coffee Folders
Laminated Print Sleeves
Embossed Deluxe Wrap Sheet Folder

20 Misdemeanor Edition Print Sets  – 1xrun.com/runs/Arrest_Sheets_Misdemeanor_Edition
Five Arrest Sheet Prints Signed & Numbered by RIME
Highland Park Arrest Sheet Folder


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Rime | Arrest Sheets via 1xRun

February 05 2013 . 09:48pm



8 x 8 Inches Arrest Sheet Portfolios

This RUN is available in 2 editions both containing (5) 8 x 8 Inch Double Sided Prints by RIME. The Felony Edition comes with custom hand-embellishments personally by RIME.

“The sheets were laying on the floor of this Police station for 10+ years until I came along and rescued them. The city should have done a better job at securing or destroying these records. Shit was found in an abandoned police station that has since been demolished. This art cures relationship woes. Guaranteed to make you single.” – RIME

Get yours at: 1xrun.com

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RIME Interview in Acclaim Magazine

December 21 2012 . 08:58pm

Read interview at: acclaimmag.com

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RIME | Converse Wall to Wall Series

December 21 2012 . 08:47pm

-Find out more at: jerseyjoeart.com

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REVOK and RIME are amazing!

October 02 2012 . 12:35am

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