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June 10 2010 . 11:42am

Marcus White and Kayce Thompson-Russ started this project a year ago, backed by a passion for street art and a desire to connect street art communities across the world. Living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the lively outer-borough mecca for street artists, inspiration for their project comes daily. More often than not, street art is something stumbled upon by chance and its presence, while exciting and visceral, is temporary. All City makes the best of these chance encounters and offers a simple, well-designed experience that allows every user to be a contributor, letting people locate and share street art from anywhere in the world. The wiki-based platform allows users to identify unknown artists, share, rate and comment on pieces and send alerts if a piece has been buffed. Whether you want to see art within a few blocks of your house or check out the newest, top-rated street art abroad, All City gives you instantaneous electronic and physical access to our constantly-updated, ever-evolving database. All City puts eyes on every street and generates the freshest selection of street art available.
Users are the pulse of this project.

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Uncommon – Artist Series

December 22 2009 . 04:05pm

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Looks like The Day of Sharing has begun..

September 04 2009 . 02:01am

So it begins… TDOS has started. A handful of the TDOS faithful took matters into their own hands last night – they just couldn’t wait for Black Friday. We have to applaud their target choice – Apple, the foremost purveyor of mp3 players and one of the principal profiteers in the filesharing game. They stole – scuse me, shared – 23 MacBooks, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods in 31 seconds. Check it out:

One thing struck me when watching it – is this a kind of double agent action? Check out the iPhone framing used by the news. Does this not play as a brilliant ad campaign for Apple? The breathless reporter speaking of the value of Apple laptops, iPods, and iPhones. The repeated shots of the Apple logo. If Apple didn’t think this up they should have.

RG at

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Clout Magazine x Todd Bratrud x Music Skins

August 30 2009 . 07:45pm

Clout has teamed up with Music Skins to release a skin of the Clout Issue 11 cover, illustrated by the legendary Todd Bratrud. They’re available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and a variety of other devices for $15 each. Click here to purchase one for your device. More about Music Skins after the jump.

We were sent some to feature in the upcoming issue and of course, had to test them out. They have a huge selection of designs and the 3M vinyl is definitely high quality. The high gloss over laminate adds some grip and leaves a good feel in your hand. Super easy to apply, they’re great for personalizing and protecting your device from scratches without adding any bulk. Be sure to check out their custom skin service, where you can design your own. A great product, made in the USA.  

Look out for future CLOUT x Music Skin releases.

From "MusicSkins are the premier music and music related device skins on the planet. Our skins are made from premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology so they apply easily and remove without leaving any residue. We also use a high gloss over laminate, which adds durability and a photo quality finish to our skins. "

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New Iphone app GIGZEE

July 18 2009 . 05:47pm

Find out more at Gigzee

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