MSK’s RIME around Europe; Berlin, Dublin and Barcelona

June 03 2010 . 04:40pm


MSK’s RIME around Europe; Berlin, Dublin and Barcelona.

Video production by NOAH BANKS

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Rime/Jersey Joe paints for Motivation – Tekken 6

September 25 2009 . 09:27pm

A passion for beating people up…

Two months back I was hired to paint some walls for fighters to shadow box and interview in front of. Somehow this video ties into the new release of Tekken 6. I’m not a video game guy but this clip is kinda cool.


Also, purchase Rime/Jersey Joe’s newest print at:

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Brand new RIME/JERSEY JOE interview in TOAST magazine

September 25 2009 . 01:56pm

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Brand new RIME and TYKE WITNES production

September 09 2009 . 12:31am

Click photo for large format view

Click photo for large format view

Here are some finished shots of a wall we attempted to do during the heatwave that went down here in LA. We tried showing up early enough to get shade and struggled through to finish with the sun beating down on us (it sucked). I brought a few sketches for this wall but ended up getting into a groove and freestyling. It’s good to see Witnes out doing his thing again!


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RIME | Product release & print signing at GCS Santa Ana

July 24 2009 . 01:26am

RIME MSK – Product release and limited edition poster signing at:

GCS Santa Ana
Saturday Aug.1, 2009 6-10pm
Three new Rime GCS t-shirts and a limited edition screenprinted poster will be released.

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