Belmont Tunnel Closing Reception Featuring Slides by Steve Grody

June 26 2009 . 09:23pm

Saturday, June 27th – 6pm to 9pm

For the closing reception of the Belmont Tunnel show and Crewest Gallery, Steve Grody will be hosting a Slide show of images drawn from his archive as well as others of the first Belmont generation. The show starts at 7:30 so don’t miss it!

For more info on Steve Grody, please visit his website at

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Graffiti L.A. Author Steve Grody Interview on

February 26 2009 . 02:09pm

1. You briefly touch upon this in your book, Graffiti L.A., and I’m sure you’ve been asked this before. Why graffiti?
I started taking photos of graffiti for two reasons; because it was an interesting creative new thing, and because it disappeared or got covered over quickly and as far as I knew, no one was preserving a record of it.

Read the entire interview HERE on Also, check out Steve’s website at:

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