KC Ortiz | Pictures Of The Year International (POYi) award

February 26 2011 . 02:01pm

Congrats to Known Gallery artist KC Ortiz for winning the prestigious Pictures Of The Year International (POYi) award for his photograph from Forced Rebellion!

Read more at: nytimes.com

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KC Ortiz Hmong photo essay in Time magazine

July 26 2010 . 10:34pm

Find out more at: TIME.com

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KC ORTIZ Forced Rebellion on FINE ARTS LA

June 13 2010 . 04:59am

Read the rest of the story at: fineartsla.com

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POSE and KC ORTIZ show closing this Saturday | June 12th

June 10 2010 . 10:59pm

Come check out the POSE and KC ORTIZ show before it’s too late! Show closing this Saturday | June 12th, 2010. A few pieces are still available as well as a few prints. Don’t sleep!

Brand new RUMBLE!! print by POSE just released at Known Gallery.
Limited edition of 100.
26 inches wide x 16 inches tall
Signed, numbered and embossed by artist.
$75.00 (one per customer)

Phone and email orders welcome

Available exclusively at Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hours during shows:
Wednesday thru Saturday: 12 – 7pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm

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Known Gallery exhibit brings grit to Fairfax | POSE & KC ORTIZ

June 10 2010 . 10:37pm

Source: www.scpr.org

KC Ortiz, a photographer and graffiti writer, and Pose 1, a graffiti artist and graphic designer — two Chicago natives– have teamed up in a new exhibit at the Known Gallery in Fairfax.

Ortiz’s exhibit, entitled “Forced Rebellion,” is a collection of photographs he took while living amongst Hmong villagers in a remote area of Laos. The Hmong took to the hills to escape persecution following the Vietnam War, and remain vigilant and armed in a hostile, constantly changing environment.

Pose’s exhibit, entitled “Rumble!” is a representation of modern urban warfare through pieces that combine graffiti and graphic design. Pose said he was looking to showcase the "grittiest elements" of Chicago, while telling unsung stories of survival through contrasting popular icons and imagery.

The contrast between the two exhibits is immediately apparent. Ortiz’ photography is black and white, evoking a more somber and serious glimpse into a way of life that millions of people never experience. While Pose’s graffiti/graphic art pieces tell contemporary urban stories through colorful, raw, and vibrant images.

Ortiz, however insists that the two have a connection on a deeper level. "I think they show two different stories of survival," said Ortiz, who is a member of an artist collective called the Seventh Letter Crew along with Pose 1. "There is a huge difference in why people use guns and resort to drastic measures in the U.S. as opposed to other places in the world, but it’s survival nonetheless and that’s the bottom line."

The exhibits are in two separate rooms within the Known Gallery, and patrons can feel the mood change as drastically as the lighting from room to room.

Pose’s "Rumble!" is in the large well-lit, main gallery where sunlight accents the bright colors of his pieces. Ortiz’ "Forced Rebellion" is in a much smaller room located in the back of the gallery, where dimly-lit ceiling lights elicit a more contemplative mood.

There are just enought pieces to provide enough to captivate the senses without overwhelming the eye.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Known Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12 – 7 pm, and Sundays from 12 – 6 pm.

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