Wild Child by TSL ARMOR

December 12 2009 . 05:59am

Wild Child by TSL ARMOR
Made from Bronze
5/8" w x 1 5/8" h (wild child with jump ring)
Only 12 made worldwide.
Each piece is one of a kind. (keys vary)
Shipped in a custom painted can container, and burlap bag.

But it exclusively at: www.knowngallerystore.com

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TSL ARMOR is not playing games!

October 18 2009 . 06:31am

Like always, TSL Armor is really doing some amazing projects these days. Check the blog daily see what they’re up to at TSLARMOR.com

Available at: KnownGalleryStore.com

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TSL ARMOR | If you don’t know, get familiar!

August 20 2009 . 02:48pm

Check out the collection at: tslarmor.com/collection. Also, be sure to peep the blog for the latest and greatest on what the TSL Armor camp is up to.

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Check Young Kay’s latest posts at TSLARMOR.com

May 22 2009 . 04:27pm

Find out more at: TSLARMOR.com

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