Ewok, Enue and Augor of the Ironlak Team USA in The Bronx

March 31 2011 . 02:50pm

Ewok, Enue and Augor of the Ironlak Team USA grind it out in The Bronx, New York City – 2010.

Find out more at: blog.ironlak.com x kcortizphoto.com

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EROTIC CITY Video | IRONLAK family in Miami

February 03 2011 . 04:39am



Find out more at: Ironlak.com

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Ironlak Team Australia | NEW YORK CITY 2010 – Part One

November 04 2010 . 07:45pm


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the original Australian Ironlak Team, the team members; Reals, Linz, Sofles, Sirum and Tues travelled to New York City. This is part one of their adventures, getting down and dirty in The Bronx on a wall with Ironlak Team USA members; Jaes, Augor and Enue.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw – yoblooddiamonds.blogspot.com
Cut: Selina Miles – selinamiles.wordpress.com

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Askew x Tatiana Suarez x Enue x Jaes in New York

July 08 2010 . 03:15pm


In June 2010, Jaes invited a handful of his friends to paint a school yard in New York. Amongst those were Enue and myself, both of the Ironlak Team and also Miami born/Brooklyn based artist Tatiana Suarez who we met out at Primary Flight last year. This is a video I shot a cut of the mural collaboration that ensued.

The music is Daru Jones ft. Kissy Asplund "So Good".


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Ironlak x Supervision x Primary Flight

February 05 2010 . 12:16am

Ewok, Jaes, Augor, Pose and Enue from the American Ironlak Team join forces with Askew at Primary Flight as a part of Art Basel 2009 in Miami.

Video by KC Ortiz and We Are Supervision.


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