Wieden + Kennedy | Public Spaces Vs. Private Space

May 04 2010 . 09:20pm

Graffiti artists discuss public spaces versus private space. This episode features ESPO, KR, Craig R. Stecyk, Barry McGee, Amaze, Earsnot, Sace and Shepard Fairey.
Find out more at: Wieden + Kennedy
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Inside Outside – The Movie

January 21 2010 . 10:35pm

ONLINE WORLD PREMIERE. "Inside Outside" follows ZEVS and other so-called street artists from New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and São Paulo. They all make a living off their art, but they also have an urge to exhibit their work illegally in the streets. "Inside Outside" is a film about the energy artists get when working in the street. An energy they’re missing when exhibiting in galleries and museums, an energy that brings life to their art and to their own lives. It´s an energy that’s partly caused by the fact that everything these artists do in the street is illegal; "Anything that gives you security is eventually going to restrict you at some point", says Swoon about the art galleries.

To find out more, visit the Inside Outside page

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January 14 2009 . 03:21pm

Find out more at: IRAKNY.com

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Juxtapoz Issue #78: The Seventh Letter

June 26 2007 . 02:43am

Juxtapoz is pleased to announce the very special Seventh Letter issue. The Seventh Letter is a graffiti and art collective, and we’ve taken the entire crew and given them an entire issue of Juxtapoz. The cover story is Saber, fresh off the 10-year anniversary of his famed LA River piece, and his upcoming solo show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Also featured in this issue are Retna, Revok, Eklips, Look, Ewok, Fate, Push, Reyes, Sever, Rime, and Persue. Profiled artists include Barry McGee, SA Studios, Alexis Ross, Wise, Jason Kundell, Pysa, Hael, Hense, Finn, Norm, Amandalynn, Krush, Ceaze, Kenton Parker, Ron English, QP, Wanto, and Stormie. Shepard Fairey, Haze, Chaz Bojorquez, Zeser, and Earsnot make guest appearances as well.

The Seventh Letter issue also features a FREE pull-out poster of Saber’s LA River piece, and FREE sticker sheet featuring The Seventh Letter crew graphics.

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March 25 2007 . 03:23pm

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