April 07 2015 . 07:47pm

Things are fucked up in Detroit. And they’re not just hidden-behind-the-scenes fucked up, but in-your-face fucked up. Throughout the city, there are deep pockets of half-collapsed buildings and blocks of burned-out homes. Once elegant places now look so abandoned that if it was not for the graffiti, there would be virtually no evidence of human activity. The decaying ruins and urban sprawl are what make “the D” such an inviting canvas for writers all across the nation; an aerosol mecca that warrants at least one pilgrimage.

To read the article visit: animalnewyork.com

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FOREVER NEKST | Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

September 06 2013 . 08:38pm

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Photos: Colin Day

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Revok + Jim Darling | Sunday Mass print available now!

August 26 2013 . 08:16pm


Artists Jim Darling and Revok recently collaborated on this found object art installation in an abandoned church in the heart of Detroit. Working on the piece for two days, the artists dragged an organ up two flights of stairs along with any other pieces of debris in the vicinity they could use to assemble the infinity symbol shown here.

“When we started this there wasn’t a plan at all. We drove around for a few days just looking at everything. He took me everywhere in Detroit. The church we picked was one of the buildings we looked at on the first or second day of my trip. There were a lot of great elements to work with and the building was amazing. It took us about two and a half exhausting days to complete.” – Jim Darling

“It actually came together much faster than a typical “mural wall” or a piece I create in the studio, however it was much more physically laborious, which was really good! I remember carrying a giant organ and a piano up two narrow flights of stairs from the basement. Jim and I decided it would be most satisfying to create the installation only from objects and materials we could scavenge from the site itself. The church is massive so we carried all kinds of big heavy shit and swept 2 inches of dirt from the entire floor where the installation was created.” – Revok

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Jim Darling, Revok and 1xRUN.

Available at: 1xrun.com

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ASKEW ONE | Entropy at Inner State Gallery opens tomorrow in Detroit

August 22 2013 . 10:02pm













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ASKEW ONE | Entropy at Inner State Gallery

August 14 2013 . 08:00pm







1xRUN Presents ASKEW ONE’s “Entropy” At Inner State Gallery.

Welcoming New Zealand artist ASKEW ONE to Detroit on August 23rd from 7-10pm.

Through this new body of work Askew One further refines his unique method of painting portraits where the medium becomes the metaphor for a much bigger conversation.

The portrait is the device used to represent immense entities of barely contained energy that have reached an entropic state only moments from a cataclysmic event. It is a discussion about existence and more specifically the fragility of all things – our incessant quest for balance and harmony when all things eventually deteriorate or revert to a state of chaos.

“Detroit started this whole train of thought during my first visit in 09. I think the metaphor of Entropy extends to Detroit as well. The Entropy in Detroit’s case was Human expanse and industry. This work is optimistic though, like Detroit. It’s about new beginnings.” – ASKEW ONE

The exhibition will be on view from August 23rd through September 19th.

To be added to the collectors preview please email or call Gallery Director Ania Eaton ania@innerstategallery.com 313-744-6505

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