The Seventh Letter Contest

May 16 2012 . 05:43am

The Seventh Letter would like to give one lucky entrant a chance to win a free gift pack . This will feature newly released snap backs, tees , stickers, and original painting from one of our artists. Enter all your details in the boxes and at the end of the month we will email a winner.

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Jarritos FLAVOR CITY contest

July 12 2011 . 11:34pm

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Patrick Martinez x Quintin x Curated Contest

November 03 2010 . 11:15pm

Conceptual artist Patrick Martinez says, “Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick is a strong supporter of the SB1070 bill. The concept of this video (available after the jump) was to challenge the main ideas of the bill and juxtapose those ideas with the fact that some players of the Diamondbacks represent the very people the bill targets. SB1070 is a step backwards in terms of progression and should be dissolved for good. This is a slap in the face to the people that have fought for equal rights.”

We’re happy to be able to offer an opportunity to win on of Martinez’s ”Arizona Wetbacks” caps, produced by Quintin. To win offer a comment in the form of a poem or short paragraph with your thoughts on why the SB 1070 Bill in Arizona is unjust.

Watch the video after the jump, and learn more about the hat as well.

“Arizona Wetbacks” a Racist Republicans X Arizona collab

-custom logo designs, embroidery, mexican blanket pattern and acrylic on a bootleg new era baseball cap created from scratch 2010

-Patrick created the hat pieces to visually show the connection between the racist republicans that run the “Arizona Diamondbacks”(a major league baseball team) and how they are helping to push the Arizona SB1070 law by generous funding.

-It was re-named the team with the racist inspired name Arizona Wetbacks because Patrick believe it’s more of a fit based on the racist actions the owners are taking with the SB1070 bill which they are helping to advance.

-Patrick created three hats for the three players on the diamondbacks of latin decent (Juan Guitterez, Gerardo Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez) that will be celebrated on the field then asked for their papers when they leave it.

This bill is a step backwards in terms of progression. It is also a giant slap in the face to the many people that fought for equal rights in the past as well as the present. The SB1070 law has the feeling of the beginning stages of apartheid.

photos by: Chaim Diesto concept: Patrick Martinez

Find out more at:

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24 Clicks photo competition by Scion

July 30 2010 . 05:44pm

About the contest:

Join the artistic scavenger hunt that you control: You have 24 Clicks of the camera to capture the meaning of 24 words. The sky’s the limit in how you create your definitions. Our aim is true: to allow the most original mind the opportunity to dazzle the world with the ingenuity of your complete 24 Clicks portfolio. 

All qualifying participants who return a camera with photographs will also receive a book and have the chance to become part of the grand 24 Clicks premiere exhibit/event. Online voters will select weekly winners to have their shots turned into 16 X 20 glossy prints. One 24 Clicks photographer will have their 24 photographs included in a coffee table art book that will commemorate 24 clicks.

Enter the contest: HERE


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The Seventh Letter Cut&Sew contest

November 24 2009 . 04:58am

Click on the map above for the locations stocking the Cut&Sew collection to win a signed print from The Seventh Letter.

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