Video of NEKST MSK crushing Chicago

August 16 2009 . 06:33am

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Thank you Nekst…

August 05 2009 . 12:58am

Thank you Nekst…
Downtown Chicago, Massive in person.
Rest In Paradise

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August 04 2009 . 03:58am

Pose was asked to help adidas celebrate their 60 years of soles and stripes by creating 3 pairs of custom superstars.
Enter to win one pair at tomorrow nights event.

Leaders 1354 / Downtown Chicago / 672 N. Wells / Chicago, IL 60654

Celebrate originality and don’t forget the celery salt…

Find out more at:

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July 24 2009 . 01:51am

Yo Sirum!

I was out of commission for a while but finally got to take a crack at your sketch.  I love the flow and shape it was a blast to paint.  I was having trouble getting the "e" to bang the right way (might have had to do with the burnt out car remnants, mattresses and bags of ?) so I put it in the microwave and cooked it for a while, and bugged out a little.  I definitely think i might give it a second go, its a killer sketch man thanks again,  I gotta return the favor soon!

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Retna & Oishii Creative American Revolutionaries

July 08 2009 . 04:10am


I recently partnered with Design Agency, Oishii Creative to promote the launch of Ovation’s TV American Revolutionaries. Here is a quick excerpt i took from

Ovation TV’s recent campaign for the documentary series American Revolutionaries paired African American musical icons with the work of LA graff art muralist RETNA. While we immediately recognized the symbolism the campaign represented, we were surprised and delighted to see RETNA’s work getting this kind of national recognition. There are a number of parallels one could draw, RETNA being an African American/Salvadorian artist working to further the legitimacy of graffiti art and striving to establish his own legacy. When we asked for his impressions on the project , RETNA offered up the following, “These artists really broke new ground and gave voice to so many people. They struggled with many of the issues of their day breaking down barriers making it possible for my generation to have so many opportunities. Everywhere you look, their art has made such important contributions to our culture reshaping America’s past, present and future.”

The sheer reach of the American Revolutionaries ad campaign, with larger than life billboards in Houston, Chicago, and New York’s TIme Square brings his work to new audiences. We can only cross our fingers that these locals will embrace his cultural influence as we have here in LA.

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As you may know, Oishii Creative designed the current EA SPORTS logo, developed No Good TV’s website, and shot music videos for bands like Incubus and Rage Against the Machine. We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the right creative partners to create memorable brand identities. But, this time, we’re taking our involvement one step further.

Ismael Obregon, Oishii Creative’s Founder and Creative Director explains it best, “Our goal was to connect Ovation TV with the next generation of artists, while finding creative ways to use the outdoor medium. Our relationship with Retna is longstanding and we are thrilled to bring his art back to the streets in a whole new way.”

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To learn more about the American Revolutionaries.

Video & Photos by Ariel Sinson

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