Known Gallery featured in Installation Magazine Issue One: CA

July 06 2011 . 12:26am

Featuring artists: Lisa Adams, Amy Adler, Kevin Appel, Jake Ashwell, Augor, Anna Ayeroff, John Baldessari, Jay Brockman, Tony De Los Reyes, Sean Duffy, David Eddington, Charlie Edmiston, Sonny Gerasimowicz, Keegan Gibbs, Alessandro Gottardo, Iva Gueorguieva, Hugh Holland, How & Nosm, Raffi Kalenderian, David Kantrowitz, Martin Kersels, Spencer Lowell, El Mac, Dylan Maddux, Patrick Martinez, Maggie Mull, Tim Navis, Quam Odunsi, Steve Olson, Tia Pulitzer, Push, Carl CR Rauschenbach, Retna, Revok, Victor Reyes, Rime, Cole Rise, Evan Robarts, Mark Strassner, Don Suggs, Willie T., George Thompson, Kellesimone Waits, Michelle Wiener, and Marianne Williams, and Vasa.

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Papa – What You Can’t Leave Behind by

January 21 2009 . 06:29am


Papa – What You Can’t Leave Behind from Keegan Gibbs . com on Vimeo.


Directed by

Keegan Gibbs

and Nick Darmstaedter

Written by Nick Darmstaedter and Keegan Gibbs

Cinematography by Keegan Gibbs

Edited by Keegan Gibbs and Nick Darmstaedter

Color Correction Christian Sprenger

Styling / Make-up by Tracy Antonopoulos

Camera Op. Mike Wildt

Assistant Camera Paul Bakken

Script Supervisor Wylie Gelber

Boat Support John Bakken / Chuck Hosack

Titles Charlie Edmiston

Special thanks to Sam Monkarsh


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January 22 2008 . 06:08pm

See also: Press Release

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ZESER and SABER featured in new MASS APPEAL Magazine

December 16 2007 . 02:06am

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September 22 2007 . 02:07pm

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