Photos from Bangkok by KC Ortiz

December 21 2009 . 03:29pm

I’m sending you some preview photos from a story I am working on about Burmese migrants and refugees in Thailand. They flee Burma to escape the military junta’s grasp, but unfortunately life isnt much better for them once they arrive in Thailand. While they are much less likely to fall victim to ethnic violence, they are often times treated like slaves, working for little or no money, undergoing many human rights violations and are constantly under threat of deportation back to Burma, as most of them have no option but to enter Thailand illegaly, where they will be persecuted again. Life is very hard for the Burmese people who only seek to have a normal, stable, and productive life. Whether they are under threat in their native Burma (Myanamar) or have fled to another country, they seem to always be up against a wall and remian one of the world’s most persecuted peoples.   

KC Ortiz

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