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August 03 2009 . 06:16am


I like old science fiction movies from the 50’s and 60’s because it’s interesting to see how wrong their ideas about the future ended up being.  There are no flying cars, and aside from hipsters, people dont wear one-piece, silver bodysuits. This same thing end’s up being the case with most people’s lives and what their own futures hold. Most teenagers want to become rich and famous and live some glamourous ‘Mtv cribs’ lifestyle, only to end up selling life insurance or managing a used car lot.

I imagine Todd is far better at reading the future than most people.  Maybe not the future of humanity, but his own future.  As a teenager, he wanted to be involved in skateboarding, be an artist, and romance exotic large-breasted women.  In Varying proportions, he’s doing all of those things. Todd’s artwork is a true, honest reflection of his personality and his life. The same things he was interested in and influenced by as a teenager: skateboarding, pinball machine art, girls with big boobs, comic books, etc., he has transformed into his profession as a freelance artist / professional teenager. Todd’s art has evolved over the years, not so much in his subject matter or his approach to creating art, but mainly in his pursuit of perfecting his natural talent. Unlike most artists, Todd’s work has remained relatively untainted by anything other than his own inspiration and interests. In following that path, he has carved out a wide audience who naturally gravitate to his unique style and sense of humor.


He has traveled the world showing his art, and has done work for several prominent companies including:


Nike SB, the skateboard MAG, Volcom, Flip, Familia Skateboard Shop, Burlesque, Mega Fauna, Grace from Falling, Enjoi, Teenage Runaway, Dank Nuggzz, Crown Farmer, Girl Skateboards, Fobia, Butron Snowboards, Birdhouse, NJ Skateshop, Creature, Whale Cock, Spitfire, REAL Skateboards, Life Sucks Die to name a few.


-Ewok MSK/HM


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