OWEN DIPPIE in Brooklyn, New York

August 28 2018 . 05:03am


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Jesse Lee vixen skateboard | Matty No Times ART BENEFIT

July 13 2010 . 04:26pm

I donated my ‘Jesse Lee’ vixen skateboard to this event, she will be
showing July 17th in Brooklyn, NY. See below for more details.

On September 9, 2009, Matty No Times (Three Kings Tattoo) noticed
that his legs had become severely swollen.  He went to an emergency
room and three hours later, after multiple blood tests, was informed
that he was in liver failure (see details below).  Now, about 8
months later, Matty is on his way back but is in severe financial
A group of all star artists have joined together for a remarkable
show to help Matty pay off his medical expenses.  The show will be at
the YES Gallery (http://yesgalleryyes.com/) located at 147 India
Street and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) The exhibition
will run from July 17th to July 23rd with a special opening reception
on Saturday, July 17th from 5 – 10PM at YES Gallery with special
Guest DJ Jesse Jones (Yuppicide).

ALL ART IS  $350 OR LESS, and raffle goodies from KCDC Skate Shop,
Tattoo Elite International, Waverly Color Company and more. The goal
of this exhibition is not only to support Matty No Times, but to also
present a spectacular array of noted artists, allowing our friends
and peers, art lovers and collectors to view and obtain works that
are both affordable and of exceptional quality, and to do this while
we help out our friend and colleague.   This is going to be an
amazing, HUGE art exhibition with some incredible artists donating
art. Don’t miss it!!

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