ZEVS arrested in Hong Kong | Liquidation

July 21 2009 . 04:05am




In the aftermath of street artist Zevs‘ "liquidation" of Giorgio Armani’s store in Central this week, the Frenchman has had to deal with his arrest and subsequent court case in which he pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Representatives of Giorgio Armani demanded nearly HK$6.7 million in damages. They say because they could not remove the paint from the store’s facade because of its sandstone nature. Zevs said he deliberately used a water-based paint that ought to have been easily removable. But professional cleaners hired by Armani claim otherwise.

The case has been adjourned till 14th August pending both sides’ assessment of the damage. Without prior knowledge to his planned stunt, the Post interviewed Zevs days before the incident and introduced us to some of his previous art work.

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Main Street Killas

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Piece of Mind trailer

February 02 2007 . 02:39pm

The feature length documentary that chronicals 2 years in the life of 4 Los Angeles based graffiti writers. Filmed on 16mm, Super 8mm, and several video formats, Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs have truely captured the essence of what its like to be a young graffiti artists trying to make a name. The gritty footage ranges from streetsign tags to rooftop billboards, giving the audience a peek into the world of graffiti that has never been seen before by an outside culture.

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November 28 2006 . 06:40am


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