Exclusive interview with Phil Frost at TheHouseofMarley.com

March 05 2015 . 05:13am

House of Marley: I came across your post in celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday on Instagram, where you talk about Bob Marley and reggae – what is it that draws you to the two?

Phil Frost: I’m drawn to reggae music because of it’s inherent morale and uplifting nature; to want to better yourself and your surroundings and be humble, kind and respectful of things. So it appeals to me like that, in that I like the message of it; and then I like the energy and rythym also. It is good natured and positive and I was taken by it. At some point, I got really interested in wanting to hear it more. I began to collect the 45’s and records because a lot of the music isn’t necessarily released digitally. I don’t know too much about digital music anyway, but at the time a lot of the music wasn’t really able to be found on a CD or digital format so a lot of the rare music is only on a 45. Seeking out the records and collecting them was a way to be able to introduce myself to parts of the sound I couldn’t find otherwise. At some point, it began to seem like I was protecting old records by archiving them, like a way of preserving them and their relevant importance.

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Dennis Morris | Revolutionary Dreams on REVOLT TV

February 19 2015 . 10:30pm

See more at: revolt.tv

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Opening recap of REVOLUTIONARY DREAMS a photo exhibit by Dennis Morris | Celebrating Bob Marley’s 70th birthday

February 07 2015 . 10:58pm


Opening reception: February 6, 2015 | 7-10p
On view: February 6 – 21, 2015

A celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th birthday

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
February 6-21, 2015

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Dennis Morris in new the NME magazine

February 04 2015 . 10:07pm

Bob Marley NME

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No Smoke Without Fire: Reclaiming The Genius Of Bob Marley

February 04 2015 . 10:17am


Read article at: thequietus.com

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