Clash of the Titans | RISKY speaks

October 20 2009 . 03:55pm


So here’s some more footage from The Clash of the Titans event REVOK has put together. This event is going to be historic!

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REVOK’s field report from Melbourne, Australia

October 20 2009 . 03:20pm

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Saber Speaks – Organizing for America’s health reform video challenge

October 19 2009 . 06:22am

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October 18 2009 . 12:01am

Artist – DAME MSK
Music – EXILE
Shot & Cut: JEFROE

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Agents of Change – The Ghost Village Project trailer

October 17 2009 . 06:45am


Curated by Agents of Change – The Ghostvillage was conceived as an antidote to a world of ever increasing safety and mediocrity. Six artists were given free reign of a never inhabited village on the west coast of Scotland – working on pristine walls Remi/Rough, Stormie, System, Timid, Derm and Juice 126 have created a gallery like no other…..and finally given the village the ghosts it deserves…..

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