Kenton Parker

September 14 2006 . 07:02pm

Our crew member Kenton Parker had a bad motorcycle accident a couple days ago, not that two busted ankles, knees, elbow and head wounds would stop him from touring to Asia with us for Letters First. We wish him a quick recovery so we can go riding and writing!
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Ralph of The Seventh Letter builds

September 14 2006 . 04:27am

Ralph of The Seventh Letter begins the first phase of the Known Gallery web site.
Also check out another site Ralph built

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Shooting the Artwork

September 14 2006 . 12:26am

BIg Mo aka Retna and Noah in the studio shooting 1(Hense) of the 43 paintings for the Letters First postcard book. This limited edition postcard book will feature all 43 canvases in a postcard form, plus postcards from TheSeventhLetter and Royal Elastics.

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