The Ghostvillage Project video

December 23 2009 . 04:20pm


The Ghostvillage Project was created over 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. 6 artists – Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126, Derm – were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village. Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site the artists realised long held dreams and were inspired by the bleakness and remoteness of the site. Drawing on the history of the village the artists’ stated intent on completion of the project was to populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserved.

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REVOK doing it big in Tucson, Arizona

December 22 2009 . 04:45pm

Click photo for large format view

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Mear One, Kofie, Retna, and El Mac at the L.A. Art Show

December 21 2009 . 06:24am

Organized by the L.A. ART MACHINE and curated by Bryson Strauss, VOX HUMANA is a live art performance by legendary Los Angeles street artists Mear One, Kofie, Retna, and El Mac that will take place during the L.A. Art Show, January 20 – 24, 2010.

Using on large-scale canvases, the artists will begin their work on January 20 and will paint live each day from noon to 6 PM. Using acrylic and aerosol paints, Retna and El Mac will collaborate on a canvas that is 12 x 24 feet, while Kofie and Mear One will work independently on 12 x 12 foot canvases. Los Angeles Art Show attendees are invited to witness the completion of the works on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 2 PM, and participate in a closing celebration.

While much attention has recently been given to street artists in the fine art world with the rise in celebrity of Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Gajin Fujita, VOX HUMANA marks the first time that a top-tier art fair has recognized, and celebrated the evolution, power, and artistic integrity of street artists in a such a bold and public manner. The L.A. Art Show is making history.

What originated in the U.S. as the ‘tag’ has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and challenging forms of contemporary art. This event recognizes the talents of these four artists while celebrating the historic journey and enduring nature of graffiti art, from the caves of Lascaux to the spas of Pompeii and from the streets of Los Angeles to the walls of galleries around the world.

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Maestro Knows Mr. Cartoon

December 12 2009 . 05:18pm

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Agenda x Loss Prevention x New Era

December 12 2009 . 05:29am

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