Modernica Chair Group Show at Soze Gallery

October 30 2014 . 12:47am

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This Saturday, the 1st of November, LA’s Soze Gallery will be opening a group exhibition in collaboration with the Modernica furniture company. The company that keeps the spirit of Modernism movement alive with their products, teamed up with the West Hollywood showspace for an unique charity event.

For this show, artists will create custom painted fiberglass shell chairs, made on the original Herman Miller equipment. Differentiating in styles and techniques, participants will present their version of this legendary chair. This unique show will include gallery friends and artists including RETNA, Erin Riley, Aaron De La Cruz, Ben Frost, Augustine Kofie, Neckface, Mel Kadel and many others. Part of the proceeds from this show will be donated to benefit The Art Of Elysium, a non-profit organization that brings empowering artistic programs to children in the local hospitals in the area.

The show will be on view until November 15th so make sure you check out this original event if you’re in the area.


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HYPEBEAST speaks with Joe Hahn and artists Bom.K, Ron English and Saber

September 26 2014 . 08:20pm


Best known as DJ and programmer of two-time Grammy Award-winning rock band Linkin Park and having directed many of the band’s most successful music videos, Joe Hahn is now venturing into feature films with his full directorial debut MALL. A film about a meth addict intending to carry out a mall shooting and the intertwining of the lives of several characters in the events that follow, Hahn intends for MALL to “show how ugly people can be as they hide their inner beasts after cracking their facades.” To promote the release of MALL, Joe Hahn, who apart from his involvement with Linkin Park has also established an impressive repertoire as an artist and painter, will curate an art show to be held at KNOWN GALLERY in Los Angeles, bringing together a collection of artists to interpret the themes of the film through their artwork. Before the launch of the show on September 25, HYPEBEAST spoke with Joe Hahn and artists Bom.K, Ron English and Saber in a roundtable-style discussion to talk about the current state of the art world, the role that MALL played in their pieces, and the messages that they intend to convey through art. If you’re in the area, head down to KNOWN GALLERY to check out the show starting September 25 with the public opening at 7pm.

441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States

What’s your take on the art world these days, what inspires you currently?

Joe Hahn
The art world has changed dramatically during my lifetime. When I was a kid getting into art, I loved comics, fantasy and graffiti. I was constantly told that the Art World doesn’t consider any of that stuff to be ‘real art.’ In hindsight, the people who said that were closed-minded sheep that shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near kids. They are eating those words now. Nowadays, marketing your work is accessible as long as you have a computer and Internet. This has allowed people to share and participate in the arts in any way they desire. I love to follow artists and their progression through their life and career. It takes a lot of courage to be a career artist. It requires you to follow your heart and not to hesitate on your instincts.

I do not really have a clear vision about the art world, but only about the graffiti or street art in galleries. I’ve seen it explode and make a solid step into the galleries and museums in these last 10 years; to finally achieve the recognition it deserves (or close to it). My personal take on this is that there are not enough galleries taking the risk to feature young emerging talents that really deserve the exposure instead of showing the same artists over and over.

Ron English
This is the first time in history that the whole world has been so connected and the new art being created reflects that completely. A lot of prejudices and myopic viewpoints are crumbling fast, and artists are getting to play to an ever-expanding audience.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer… who poisoned my tea? My current inspiration is to suppress the pounding knot in my stomach and keep my kids laughing.

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